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How To Order

You've got your chosen design in mind and have spotted the perfect product from our catalogue, but aren't sure what is going to be needed? Not a problem. 

Our order process is designed to be as simple and hassle-free as possible, because nobody has time to get hung up on the details. That's where our experience in the printing world is particularly invaluable - we can guide you through exactly what is required for you to get your products in hand in the quickest, easiest way possible.


The key first step - getting your artwork ready. For the most part, we can do all the work to convert and scale the artwork into the format we need, so long as we get a good starting point with high enough resolution. Some of our products may have a couple of restrictions on the artwork required - for example, digitally printing an A3 sized poster display is going to need correctly proportioned artwork so it doesn't look squashed or stretched! These will be listed on the product page - and of course if you're unsure, reach out to us and we can help. 


Once you have the design you want to display finished and ready to go, the most important question - what product suits your needs? Take a look across our catalogue for the perfect option. Keep in mind that not every printing option is available on every product - for example, if your logo has lots of colour variation it's unfortunately not going to work for embroidery. However, we've got lots of ways to make the design work perfectly for you, and we're happy to discuss alternatives!

For most of our products, you can just upload your design file straight onto the product page when making your choice. Please double check though, before you move to checkout that you uploaded the right one!


Some of our products are done in batches, and some of our products have initial setup processes that make it more cost effective to do larger product runs - such as manufacturing the screens for screen printed designs. This means that in many instances the price per product can be improved depending on the amount you order. Keep in mind that not every product can be scaled the same, so larger volumes may cause your order's production time to increase. If you've got any questions about this, you can reach out to us - especially if there's a deadline you're trying to meet! 


...and that's it! We can handle the rest. It's best to keep your contact details up to date, just in case - we move quickly, and will reach out to you with any questions or to confirm plans if we need to. This might be if the artwork needs a size adjustment or if we have recommendations for colour adjustment on certain products, for example.