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Decoration Methods

We use a huge variety of printing and decorating methods to achieve the exact look you want on the product you need. However, we appreciate it can get a bit daunting if you're not familiar with the industry, so these are the basics for each method - helping you choose a product and finish that suits your needs, budget and time restrictions!


By using bold coloured threads and precise machine-controlled designs, we can create incredible embroidered designed on our garments. Whether you're looking for a way to elevate a simple printed name on a shirt, or a way to make a creative logo pop, embroidery could be the way to go. We can arrange to have your chosen artwork digitised to work with our machines, ensuring perfect, consistent accuracy every time.

Embroidery is best for simple block colour designs or line work - whilst text does work, smaller fonts may be hard to read. Perfect for adding a more bespoke look to a clothing design.


The classic, simple, printing methods that still pack a punch. Once dimensions and colours are chosen, we can add your artwork to our garments to create the impact you need. Even better, its a quick, simple and easy method to get your chosen products in-hand looking exactly the way you want them.

Direct-to-Fabric printing is best for simple, cheap options on clothing without losing out on quality.

Vinyl Print & Cut

Perfect for anything from large eye-catching displays right down to simple work signs, vinyl printing offers a flexible, high-quality solution to displaying the designs you need, wherever you need them. Durable and cost effective, our printed vinyl allows for a massive range of custom designs to be created in an instant.

Vinyl printing is best for durable displays where paper options wouldn't be suitable, and for custom shaped, bold, colourful displays.

Screen Printing

For vivid colours and a rapid batch creation process, there are few options that could beat screen printing. By printing onto the product through specialist "screens" displaying your design, we can replicate the same design over and over again in a very short space of time, allowing bulk orders to become a breeze. We can even layer this process multiple times with different colours and screens to build up complex multicoloured artworks, and whilst this does limit the variety of colours per design, Screen Printing is known for being able to create intense colour levels when compared with other methods.

Screen Printing is best for high volume garment designs, or for high-quality finishes on posters and art prints.

UV Printing

By offering UV printing, it allows us to print on a far broader range of products than the classic garments or paper selection. Our specially-formulated inks are cured under UV (ultraviolet) light to produce a printed surface that is bold, hardwearing, bonded to the surface of the product and - most importantly - available across a huge product selection. There's very little extra requirement too - we can do all the work to apply it to the product of your choice - if you can think of it, we can probably print on it with UV Printing!

UV printing is best for non-traditional products, or those where classic inks or printers cannot bond properly to the surface.

Pad Printing

For quick and simple printing onto objects with uneven or curved surfaces, not much will beat pad printing. A soft, mouldable pad picks up the inks for your chosen design and is pressed onto the finished product - such as a mug or bottle, shaping itself around the uneven surfaces. This lets your design follow the curves and contours of your chosen product - producing incredible results in a very short timeframe!

Pad printing is best where high volume is required quickly on curved surfaces, and for simpler, less-high-detail designs.

Digital Paper Printing

With a huge variety of paper product stock, sizes, colours and finishing options, our paper printing capabilities are pretty much only limited by your designs and imagination. We can select the best paper base for your use, selecting weight, finish, colour, thickness and more to create the best finished item quickly, easily and in the volumes you require.

Digital Printing is best for paper products or displays where volume and quality are required - though we can customise to suit what you need.